UPDATE 5/11/2018: by petition, OSU Faculty Senate held an additional forum on Unionization. Many of the organizers were in attendance, as were faculty who felt deliberately excluded from the process: http://senate.oregonstate.edu/faculty-forum-faculty-unionization   

UPDATE 6/7/2018: sign the petition to substitute the card check process with an open, fair, and democratic election so that every faculty member in the proposed bargaining unit gets to vote yes or no: http://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0xEhBijbC5ZSrUV

UPDATE 6/6/2018: because the University and the ERB board will now start reviewing the card check process, it is critical that any problems with the process be reported to both the Provost's office and the Oregon ERB. If you have a problem that you would like to report or you would like to withdraw your card, please contact both Susan Capalbo (Senior Vice Provost) at Susan.Capalbo@oregonstate.edu and the ERB at:

The Employment Relations Board’s information is as follows:

Oregon Employment Relations Board

Old Garfield School Bldg.,

528 Cottage St. NE, Suite 400

Salem 97301-3807


Phone: 503-378-3807

Fax: 503-373-0021


We are a group of Oregon State University faculty members


who deeply respect the historical role of organized labor in our nation, and acknowledge the current and future importance of unions for the protection of workers in many fields. But on the narrow question of whether the faculty of OSU should be represented by AFT and AAUP at this time, we have decided that we are opposed.

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why we are opposed

Why unionization at this time with AFT and AAUP is the wrong choice at this time for OSU, its faculty, and our students.

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